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My name is Rachel Cooper and as you might have guessed, I put the Coop in All Things Coops! I am a New York native and a woman of many dreams. One dream at the forefront of my mind involves all of you! And if you need an extra hint, let's just say it's three words, and one's my name! So please, take a look at all of our products and find your new favorite bar soaps, crystals, bath bombs, and more!  I look forward to creating even more products that you'll love!

- Coops  

Our Story

Hello there and welcome to Coop Nation! All Things Coops started as a simple idea and has become not only a job for me, but a hobby, and an educational one at that. Since starting All Things Coops I have learned so much about the self, spirituality, connectivity to the Earth, and so much more! With the many products that we have to offer, I hope we can spark the spiritual awakening in others much like starting this brand has done for us! Now let me tell you how this all got started:


All Things Coops was founded in 2015 and operates out of Chicago, Illinois. We feature products geared toward promoting physical and emotional well-being, self-care, and spiritual growth. Our products are handmade, here in the Windy City, with the use of all-natural ingredients and essential oils. Our products are great for those who have an eye for all things spiritual, those just beginning their spiritual journey or those who just enjoy pretty, aromatic things. So please, don’t be shy, come on out to one of our upcoming events, meet us, and fall in love with our collection. Sending all positive vibrations!


Meet Us 

If you like what you've seen so far please come on down to any of my future events, ask questions, get to know me, and most important of all, get yourself a product from our collection. You can find us online, in 4 different stores, and in many fairs near you. I look forward to meeting you all and seeing what the future holds for AllThingsCoops!