Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leo, or as most may know them, the Kings of the jungle, represent strength and leadership. The Lion tends to be very confident and able to get anything they want out of life, due in part to their irresistible nature, and in part to their natural level of determination.

Leo tends to have a lot of friends, and are very loyal to those friends. Leo is also very caring and will do whatever they can to help and support their loved ones. With their self-confidence, and love for others, this Sun sign can work to bring together people from many different walks of life.

These natural born leaders have no issue taking the reign when duty calls. The Lion is a good sign to count on when looking to a leader as they have amazing leadership and critical thinking skills. Leo uses their brain to solve even the most complicated of issues. This Fire sign is very passionate, as you may imagine, and are very loyal and sincere in relationships. The Lion is also full of energy and craves adventure which can help to keep any partner entertained and even more attracted to irresistible Leo. Leo's Love Style One might imagine that this Sun born Fire sign loves pretty hard. And that is indeed the truth! For this passionate sign love is very intense. While it can be easy to fall for the irresistible Lion, it can be a bit harder for Leo to find a match for themselves. As Leo can be very energetic and passionate, it is important that they find a partner who can match their energy or the relationship may not work. Leo is also a sign of very high energy. They crave fun and excitement, especially when they get to spend time with their many friends and loved one’s while indulging. If Leo is matched with a partner who lacks their level of energy they find themselves bored of their partner, which can result in disappointment, and even resentment, on part of the Lion. Best Zodiac Love Matches for Leo Libra: These two socialites will have an amazing time making friends and having fun together. What makes their relationship the perfect match is that calm Libra can help to temper the fiery Lion. Scorpio: These signs are a great match because they are both intensely passionate. Leo may find it hard to find that perfect match, but not when the Scorpion is around! Aries: These signs are alike in that they both enjoy fine things in life, and they can never get enough of them. While this drive to live lavishly can be fun and exciting, it can also be a bit draining. Hopefully these two can tame each other a bit, or they may never sleep! Pisces:These opposites can create magic together if and only if Leo can look past Pisces more reserved and calm nature. The Lion just needs to keep in mind that sometimes slow and steady wins the race. Favorite Date Nights For Leo Leo loves fun and adventure, so the ideal date for the Lion would be one that consists of a night out on the town. Leo loves to take their time to make sure that they look good, and will have a great deal of fun just getting dressed to go out. Don’t be surprised if your favorite Lion eats up compliments on the outing as well. They live for praise and compliments and give a whole new meaning to the term “having a big head.” To ensure a Leo has fun on a date, just be sure to take them out, let them take longer than necessary to get ready, stop to accept compliments, and offer some compliments of your own. The Deal with Leo and Earth Signs Leo has a natural attraction to Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). For Leo, Earth signs are much too calm, cool, and collected; but for some reason they find themselves drawn to the near opposite signs. Why might you ask? Because Earth signs can help to calm the busy and energetic Leo. Also, Leo and Earth signs share the desire to help. But, while Leo loves hard and wishes to protect the world, they are not always sure of what their next steps should be, this is where the Bull, Virgin, and Goat come in. Earth signs offer the planfulness and organization skills the Leo lacks. These signs work to complete one another by possessing qualities the other needs to best get things done. Leo Friendship Leo is a sign that is not short on friends as this passionate, energetic Fire sign is very irresistible and has no problem making those around them fall completely in love with them. What makes it so much better is that the Lion tends to be very loyal and open-minded, which many crave in new friends. Let’s not even get started on the naturally infectious fun and energetic nature of the Lion. It’s almost exciting just thinking of being friends with Leo. Leo adores their friends and values every relationship they make, making the love of the Lion one of the most genuine of connections.

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