This beautiful stone has a very long history as a protective stone. The stone has long been worn, used, and celebrated for its powers of bringing good luck and fortune. Many say all good things are flown through Jade, leaving the gem to redistribute this positive energy. The stone is not only celebrated for its ability to bring good luck and for its protective abilities, the stone is also great for all areas of healing.

Jade is a very powerful and potent cleansing stone, helping the body to release toxins and cleanse the organs. The stone is known specifically to help with the bladder, spleen, kidneys, and to balance out fluid within the body. The stone is also good for fighting off bodily infections and increasing libido.

Jade also has very strong intuitive properties. The stone is able to push out negative thoughts and bring in light, positivity, clarity, and openness. The stone is said to gift the user/wearer with courage and wisdom, providing the strength needed to stand alone. Jade has been believed to promote self-love and acceptance, clearing the mind and claiming the heart allowing the user/wearer to embrace all parts of themselves.

This powerful crystal is said to be linked to the Heart Chakra. Wearing this beautiful stone nearest to the heart can help to promote trust, love, and compassion in relationships; and create harmony between the user/wearer and the world around them. Wearing Jade in the form of jewelry or carrying the stone with you also helps us in mapping out friendships, curating loving family ties, and connecting with one’s own sense of self-love.

Although Jade is known mostly for its green color the stone can be found in many different colors and sizes alike. This stone can be found in varying shades of black, blue, purple, red, brown, yellow or white; each color of jade is believed to bring diverse healing, meaning, and power. Regardless of color or name though the stone(s) are known to offer the same general properties including: invoking calm wisdom, healing and protection, releasing of negative energy, and ultimately blessing whatever the stone touches.

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