Aries (March 21 - April 19) If you’re an Aries then you already know that Aries’ like to be the star of their own show; and being the first of the signs I guess you could say, with good darn reason. As the head is the part of the body that is typically associated with the sign of the Ram, it goes without saying that Aries tend to jump headfirst into situations. As a fire sign, Aries tends to be very passionate and confident. They may tend to get annoyed by minor details and inconvenience, but their bubbly and cheerful personalities make them the best of friends and the strongest of leaders. As experts believe, each sign learns and takes from the sign before them, but in the case of Aries there is no sign before. As such, Aries, or the Ram is a leader by nature. Traveling through life, learning as they go, and passing on wisdom to their fellow signs Aries teach give the gift of spontaneity and optimism to the world. These spontaneous fire signs tend to leap before they look rather than the other way around, which may not always work out in their favor. As the leader of the signs, the Ram views individuals as just such, individuals. Separate from one another, with separate feelings and desires which may give off a selfish vibe. On the other hand though, this self-determination can be inspiring to others. Ruled by Mars the Aries was born to walk the walk and talk the talk, much like Roman the God of war, from whom the name of the planet Mars comes. The temper and attitude of the Ram may get the best of them at times, though they never are upset for long. Let just say, stay out of an angry Aries’ way. But also, make sure to keep them around! These fire signs, with their optimism and cheerful nature make them the best people to be around. Aries thrive in physical activity and leadership roles. Aries' Love Style Aries are very confident in themselves and tend to be very passionate in their relationships. Being a fire sign, and the natural born leaders that they are, Aries' are both exciting to be with and take quite a bit to keep up with. As you can imagine with their high energy and confidence these Rams are very flirty and are most often the ones to make the first move. And, although it might be easy to catch the eye of an Aries, keeping that attention is a full time job, as these Rams love adventure and high energy situations. But once you earn the love of these confident leaders, it’s here to stay! Just be sure to keep things exciting and fresh, and your relationship with your favorite Aries will surely last a lifetime. Best Zodiac Love Matches for Aries Gemini: ​Adventurous Aries will never get bored with a Gemini due to their deep personalities. The Gemini may be an almost perfect match when it comes to keeping up with this high energy sign. Libra: ​As libras tend to be wise and balanced they can help to calm the adventurous, hot headed Aries and encourage them to look deeper into themselves. Sagittarius: ​These fire signs together may cause a bit of friction as they can both be a bit hot headed, but the honesty between these two signs will be enough to help them through any strife. Taurus: A​ s the Taurus is one of the more relaxed of the signs, they may not be the first choice for the average Ram, but have you ever heard the saying “opposites attract?” Because the Bull may be just what an Aries needs to keep them tame.

Favorite Date Nights For Aries Aries are romantics and like their dates accordingly. Whether it be a nice, long, candlelit dinner, a night of hot fun, or a night out at the club, the Ram lives for the passion of it all. While some are fine with the simple “Netflix and Chill,” the Aries on the other hand is here for the passion, the adventure. The Deal with Aries and Water Signs Aries seem to migrate toward water signs although they’re polar opposites. Why, you might ask? Because sometimes they need a break from the fire themselves. Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) offer the Ram some freedom from their usual roles, while also keeping these busy bodies excited. The downfall though, is that water puts out fire. Not to say that the relationship can not work, just that it requires for the oppositely intense signs to work together. It’s important to make sure that there’s no dominant party in the relationship. “Teamwork makes the dream work,” or in this case, the relationship. Aries Friendship Aries live for excitement and adventure! So it should come as no surprise to hear that they tend to have many friends and from many different backgrounds. Aries tend to be very popular and build many relationships through their lives, though few make the long-term cut. Those who can manage to keep up with the adventurous Rams are the ones they tend to keep around.

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