Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite is a very unique stone known for its baby blue coloration. The stone is said to be tied to personal and intellectual growth and soothing of the soul. Its properties are said to harness the healing powers of the universe, offering the user/wearer life changing benefits which they would have never thought possible before.

One of the main reasons Blue Calcite is so powerful is because of its powerful emotional healing benefits. It is often said to “soothe the frayed nerve,” working to alleviate feelings of anxiety and constant stress. The stone has also been said to help with symptoms of depression as well. Blue Calcite is able to catch and transform negative energy before it ever comes in contact with your aura. The natural calming nature of Blue Calcite is said to be great for those with a creative mind. With the relaxing mindset it creates, many artists swear that this crystal can reinvigorate passions, help you get over creative blocks, and encourage you to do your best work yet!

If you are ready and completely open to the experience, Blue Calcite is said to take the user.wearer on a spiritual journey. The stone has the ability to free the mind of the confines of the physical body allowing you to enjoy and explore all the secrets and mystery that the world has to offer. The stone is also believed to help the user/wearer during dream journeys. The energy radiating from the stone allows the dreamer to experience more vivid dreams that they are more likely to recall upon waking.

Crystal healers believe that due to the positive emotional and spiritual healing properties of Blue Calcite that the stone has the power to indirectly affect physical health in all the best ways. The stone has been said to help to ease physical pain. Internally, it’s often used to help with bowel and liver function. Some also turn to it for assistance reducing blood pressure for better heart health.

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