Cancer matches best with other Water signs, though they may find an inevitable attraction to Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). This attraction is due to the fact that they possess qualities that the Scorpion does not. Earth signs are stubborn and demand understanding, while Water signs are more intense and emotional. These differences create a gravitational pull towards one another, and a curiosity to learn more about the other. If the two create lasting relationships it is possible that they could learn so much from one another.

Cancer Friendship

Cancers are the greatest pals to have because they are so emotional, protective, and nurturing. It’s hard not to feel like part of the family when around the Crab since they have a natural tendency to assume a maternal role. As Cancer can be more reserved and introverted, they may not always look to increase their social circles, but they will waste no time reassuring those around them they are loved and cared for. The Crab will do anything for those they have accepted as family and care deeply for their loved ones.

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