ey able to get along with and relate to others very well, but they are often one of the most valued members of the team because of their hard working and persistent natures. Capricorn Love Style Being one of the most loyal of the signs, Capricorn will always have their loved one’s backs and will always do what they can to best protect and serve those they love. However, due to Capricorns pessimism and discipline, they may come off as condescending or lacking affection. The Goat on the other hand will tell you the opposite. Although they have the most self-control of all the signs, this is not true of matters of the heart. Capricorn is one sign that is quick to fall in love and usually commits to relationships and even marriage pretty early on. Best Zodiac Love Matches for Capricorn

Taurus: These two Earth signs are very passionate in loving relationships and loyall in all other relationships, as well as clear goals set that they can work toward achieving together.

Virgo: These two signs have a very strong emotional connection as they are both very serious, loyal, and committed. What may begin slowly will last for many years to come.

Scorpio: These signs share a fear of lies and deceit which will take the relationship longer to take off, but when it does this pair will become almost inseparable.

Pisces: These two signs can help to level each other out. While the Fish can teach the Goat to dream, the practical Capricorn can help to bring the dreamer back down to Earth. Favorite Date Nights For Capricorn The very driven Capricorn will not go on a date with just anyone. It takes time to win the heart of a Capricorn, but when you do it can be hard to lose. The best date for your favorite Capricorn would be something classy and disciplined much like them. Take them on a dinner date at a fancy restaurant, or to a local museum. It won’t take much to please this loyal lover as anything they can do with their partner is enough for them. The Goat loves to build genuine connections with others and will spend hours getting to know that special someone.

The Deal with Capricorn and Water Signs As an Earth sign Capricorns are obviously very compatible with other Earth signs, but they also work very well with Water signs as well. While the Earth is able to soak up and retain water, water is there to soften and nurture the Earth. Earth signs most rewarding relationships are those with Water signs (Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio), which makes sense because without water the other would become dry and unlivable.

Capricorn Friendship Capricorn is known for being very loyal and for inspiring those around them to reach their highest potential/ The Goat may take some time opening up in a relationship, but this is only because they value honesty and trust, and in doing so they approach friendships very cautiously. Once the loyal Capricorn adds you to their friends list though, just know you’ll never get rid of them.

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