Gemini (May 21 - June 20) Gemini, or the Twins, represents two personalities in one. The Twins are very talkative and fun-loving. They are also very curious individuals and tend to be fascinated with the world around them. Among Libra and Aquarius, Gemini is one of the Earth signs, which connects it to all aspects of the mind. ‘ With their quick wit, Gemini’s can hold a conversation with just about anyone. The Twin’s are driven by their intellect and love to share their knowledge with those around them. They also have a very playful nature, which can make them almost child-like at times. Gemini is the first of the Mutable signs. This means that the sign is easily able to change and adapt. This must be especially true since their desire to learn is so strong. One must be willing and able to adapt and change in a world where things are always changing and there is always more to learn. Those born under the sign of the Twins tend to be fun-loving, social, and lighthearted. They excel at connecting to the eight people which helps them to acquire needed resources, skills, and information Gemini's Love Style Gemini is driven by intellect and conversation and craves these things in any relationship. The Twins are also a very proud sign and will discuss any topic at length to get their point across, especially when they think they’re right. Gemini is a very creative and adventurous sign, one that is easy for anyone to fall in love with. Because Gemini is such a high energy sign, they require a lot of stimulation, both mentally and physically. This means that they can become easily bored with their partner if they do not feel as though they are being stimulated enough. It won’t be hard for the Twins to move on to their next conquest in love as Geminis have an infectious personality and will have no trouble meeting new people and starting new relationships. Best Zodiac Love Matches for Gemini

Aries: These signs share a brave and adventurous nature that will leave them with many stories to tell. It will be hard to get bored in this relationship which is important to both partners.

Leo: The signs share enough in common to keep them coming back for more, but they are just different enough to keep one another intrigued. They work to balance each other out.

Libra: These two signs are the most socially compatible of all of the zodiac signs and have a natural attraction to one another. Both share a desire to learn and communicate that knowledge to the outside world.

Aquarius: These signs bring out the best in each other. While Aquarius may not be able to discuss as many topics as the intelligent Gemini, they are familiar with many quirky topics, which intrigues the Twins. Favorite Date Nights For Gemini Gemini loves adventure and to learn and to talk, so the best date for them is something stimulating. Get their heart rate up or get them talking and anywhere can make a perfect date for the talkative Twins. Take your favorite Gemini dancing, to a party, on a weekend getaway, to a carnival, or club. This fun loving sign will have no problem making them most out of any situation, as long as they aren’t bored out of their mind that is. A busy Gemini is a happy Gemini, so whatever you surprise your partner with, just make sure it’ll keep their attention. The Deal with Gemini and Earth Signs Gemini matches best with other air signs, though they may find an inevitable attraction to Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). The Twins are attracted to Earth signs because they possess qualities that they don’t. Earth signs are stubborn and demand understanding, while Air signs tend to be more thoughtful. These differences create a gravitational pull towards one another, and a curiosity to learn more about the other. If the two create lasting relationships it is possible that they could learn so much from one another. Gemini Friendship Gemini is a very social sign and thrives in situations that require them to share their knowledge in conversation. The Twins love spending time with their family and friends, and usually have a long list of friends to choose from. It can become very easy for the talkative Gemini to become bored in conversation and lead to many subject changes in a given conversation. In friendship with the Twins it’s important to keep in mind that your busy friend almost like a computer without an owner, it has so much information to share, though it does not have an organized way of outputting that information

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