Many believe that the magic of Labradorite is in its ability to connect you to your higher self and ability to help the user/wearer connect to the spiritual realm. Labradorite is said to represent inner strength and courage making it a great stone for protection. The stone is said to influence many areas of life bringing with it a sense of purpose and wisdom.

Labradorite is known for its ability to heal emotional pain that is both new and old. It can help to calm the mind and slow down a mind that is processing too much information at once. This stone is perfect for those who tend to overthink or worry too much. Labradorite also helps to rid the body of negative energy, tapping into your spiritual energy and filtering out energy that you don’t need to make room for the energy that you do. This level of cleansing allows for newfound motivation and fulfillment of goals and dreams.

Spiritually, Labradorite does its best work yet. Due to its ability to bring light and energy from all of the planets into the soul, this crystal has been named the “Temple of Stars.” The stone encourages the user/wearer to explore and discover, while also promoting spiritual growth. Ultimately, the properties of this stone capture the magic of mysticism perfectly!

While Labradorite is mostly used for spiritual and emotional growth and strength, the crystal is said to have powerful physical benefits as well, especially due to its connection to the respiratory system. It is theorized that Labradorite strengthens the lungs, putting more power behind each breath. Some practitioners believe that it can address chronic breathing problems and provide relief from respiratory issues like bronchitis.

The stone also serves as a talisman of communication. The stone is believed to have the power to push the user/wearer to communicate openly and honestly. Labradorite can help you to tap into your consciousness, allowing you to seek and take the paths that align with your purpose. Labradorite works to keep the chakras open so that you are free to explore beyond the confines of our planet whenever so choose.

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