Libra (September 23 - October 22) Libra, the one sign represented by an inanimate object, The Scales, is a very loving sign. Much like the Scales, Libra is typically focused on justice, equality, and fairness. The Scales represent a balance between the head and the hurt. Libra focuses on logic and feelings, keeping them both in the loop and emotionally attuned to those around them. Libras' natural ability to distinguish right from wrong makes them very popular to those around them. Born from planet Venus, this Air sign is known for their grace, charm, and beauty. These qualities make it all too easy for the loving Libra to create many one-on-one relationships that they crave. Libra not only has a strong love for others, but for fancy things. Libra tends to be a very peaceful sign. They are driven by fairness and justice, and will do just about anything to avoid conflict. The Scales can be known for working to keep the peace and for promoting equality and symmetry. Being the people lovers that they are, Libra is known for working well with others and thriving in group work. They are good communicators and gifted speakers. Due to their constant search for honesty and fairness, Libra tends to make good lawyers or judges. Libra's Love Style Libra is driven by fairness and partnership, making this sign the sign of marriage. In their relationships Libra constantly works to maintain peace and harmony within the relationship. Libra is known to be a very caring, loving, and thoughtful sign and will devote themselves complete in their romantic relationships. Their desire for symmetry and hatred for conflict may make them a bit of a pushover in a loving relationship. Libra will do just about anything to avoid conflict, including doing things that they may not entirely want to do. It is important for Libra to fight for justice and fairness for not only those around them, but for themselves. Best Zodiac Love Matches for Libra

Gemini: These signs get along very well and are known for being the life of the party. This pair can spend much of their time engulfed in the depth of one another’s personality or surrounded by the many people that love them.

Libra: Of course Libra works perfectly with other Libras. This popular sign not only attracts other signs, but the fellow Libra as well.

Leo: These signs bring out the best in one another. Libra is taken by the Lion’s level of confidence and Leo can’t get enough of Libras’ charm.

Aquarius: These Air signs share the value of equality and justice. This is a relationship that may spark very quickly due to the initial similarities between the partners. Favorite Date Nights For Libra Libra is a sign that has an eye for the arts. Museums and art exhibits might be at the top of the list for date ideas for the typical Libra. These charming, social lights enjoy the finer things in life and would never turn down a chance to be properly wined and dined. Spoiling your favorite Libra with gifts or a spa day may be just what they need to take the edge off after a long week of searching for justice and truth. Libra would also love a party, or club, any situation where they may “accidentally” become the center of attention, but in all the best ways. The Deal with Libra and Earth Signs Libra matches best with other Air signs, though they may find an inevitable attraction to Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). This attraction is due to the fact that they possess qualities that Libra does not, they fascinate them. Earth signs are stubborn and demand understanding, while Air signs are more thoughtful and fair. These differences create a gravitational pull towards one another, and a curiosity to learn more about the other. If the two create lasting relationships it is possible that they could learn so much from one another.

Libra Friendship Libra is one of the most popular signs and are the best friends to have. They are very open and honest and genuinely enjoy spending time with others and creating long lasting relationships. Libra is often relied on by their friends for support and advice, and they are always happy to lend a ear in turn. Due to Libras’ natural ability to make everyone feel like the only person in the room, they are able to quickly make lasting connections with just about everyone around them.Libra is known for their love of the spotlight and socializing and will thrive in social situations.

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