Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is said to be linked to the realm of higher consciousness, and is believed to increase awareness during meditation and rituals, thus strengthening the spiritual connection. The stone is also used for purposes of astral travel. The stone is said to facilitate astral projection and allow for the mind to remember things long after the soul/spirit has returned to the body.

As Orange Calcite has strong linkages to higher consciousness it should come as no surprise that the stone is known best as the stone of creativity. This being so, the stone is said to be closely connected to the Sacral Chakra, which is the seat of pleasure, joy, and creativity. In work on the Sacral Chakra, Orange Calcite is used to clear away nay blockages and negative energy.

Orange Calcite is believed to be a powerful cleanser and energy amplifier. The stone works to increase the inward flow of positive energy and vibrations eliminating pollutants and traces of negative energy. This cleansing of energy is not limited to the self either, users/wearers of the stone may find that the stone has cleansed the energy of the entire area they are in and in the individuals around which they have surrounded themselves.

The beautiful stone is also great for increasing emotional intelligence. It will help to balance out male and female energies dissolving unnecessary guilt and allowing the user/wearer to enjoy the body’s natural pleasures. The stone also has very stone physical healing properties. The stone is said to carry healing energies that can strengthen, repair, restore, and protect. The stone is great for use to eliminate toxins and improve functioning of the urinary tract, kidneys, spleen, and liver.

Orange Calcite has been believed to have strong powers in affecting love, romance, and relationships. The stone is said to promote emotional release, allowing the user/wearer to release all the negative emotions they have been holding in, healing emotional pain and to provoke healing from within. The stone is also said to help in conflict between partners. It will remove the resistance in the relationships of the user/wearer and allow peace and harmony to reign.

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