Peach Moonstone

Some say that Peach Moonstone is all about love, acceptance, goodness, and creativity. It is known for invoking joy and happiness and for its ability to ignite passion in those who are lacking drive. The stone is known for giving the energy needed to attain one’s goals, allowing anyone to tap into good fortune promoting energies. Due to the stone’s dream fulfilling capabilities it is often called the “Stone of New Beginnings.”

With the name Peach Moonstone one can imagine that the stone has close connections to the moon, thus making the energy of the stone primarily feminine. This makes the stone great for supporting fertility, creating calmness and helping the user face transition and change with a courageous and open heart.

Peach Moonstone is known to help the user.wearer to remain calm and keep a clear mind in stressful situations. The stone offers better self-control and promotes self-love. People who use/wear Peach Moonstone often find themselves opening up to a world of possibilities. It can help to awaken your greatest potential! The heightened vibrations of this powerful stone can help to ease feelings related to stress, depression, anxiety, sadness, and anger. It can also offer the user/wearer better insight allowing for improved decision making skills.

As stated earlier Peach Moonstone is thought to be a stone of fertility. As such the stone eases pregnancy and labor, soothes menstrual problems, and decreases fluid retention. The stone is also great for strengthening the immune system. It is said that the stone can be used to improve digestive symptoms, or if you are experiencing problems with your skin or eyes.

The healing properties of Peach Moonstone are known to help the user/wearer connect to the feminine energy of the moon, thus opening up possibilities of love, sensuality, and better relationships. The stone works to improve intuition and allows the user to tap into their inner psychic ability. It can also help to connect the user/wearer to the divine, connecting the personal will of the user/wearer to the will of the Divine.

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