The Archer is driven by their need for freedom and absolutely hate being told what to do. Sagittarius’ thirst for knowledge and adventure keeps them on the move, both physically and intellectually, and they will not take kindly to efforts to contain/confine them. Much like the Centaur supports and inspires those around them to be their best selves, they expect to be encouraged to continue to march to the fiery, energetic beat of their own drum. Sagittarius is a natural philosopher and loves to figure things out. They can often be found in deep thought, challenging theories, and in search of the next piece of knowledge. Sagittarius Love Style This fire sign is very passionate and loves the chase. When Sagittarius feels intellectually and spiritually stimulated by someone they will do whatever they can to keep that relationship. They do however, get bored fairly easily. This may be due to their naturally flirtatious nature and love of the hunt, or to the fact that they’ve just gotten bored. The Archer behaves best in a relationship in which they feel free to express themselves and one in which they find constant excitement. Feeling trapped or bored may lead the adventurous Centaur on to the next hunt. Best Zodiac Love Matches for Sagittarius

Libra: These signs share many of the same qualities which makes their connection almost instant but what makes it that much stronger is their natural optimism.

Aries: These fire signs can have a very passionate relationship, full of fun, excitement, and adventure.This couple will be neither clingy or dependent giving both partners the space they need to grow.

Aquarius: These fun loving signs will never grow bored of one another. Both signs being intelligent and adventurous allows the two to challenge one another physically and intellectually.

Leo: These fire signs share their level of optimism and love of fun and socializing. This pair will have so much fun getting to know one another and everyone around them through adventure and competition. Favorite Date Nights For Sagittarius Sagittarians are always on the go and would appreciate any date that allows them to be active. The Archer is very physical and competitive and thrives when they are presented with a challenge. Since Sagittarius is so easily bored, they may want to change activities almost as quickly as they start them and it’s imperative that their partner be able to match that energy. Being able to keep up with the Centaur will not only impress them, but keep them intrigued and excited. Maybe there’ll be a second date after all… maybe. The Deal with Sagittarius and Air Signs Sagittarius is most compatible with other fire signs, but they are also compatible with Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius). Fire and Air signs have a natural connection to one another in that Air helps to guide Fire while Fire gives Air a sense of purpose. The relationship between an Air and Fire sign can be one of the most rewarding as these friends/lovers/partners are almost always able to assume their natural roles with no issues.

  • Sagittarius Friendship Sagittarius is a very loyal and loving friend. One can assume that even after only a short time they can count on the Centaur. Driven by intellect, they enjoy socializing and having intellectual conversations with those around them. The Archer will also find many friends through physical activity as they are very seldom sedentary. Sagittarius loves playing sports and challenging endurance activities and works well with others as they race from one challenge to the next. The

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