Scorpio (October 23 - November 22) Scorpio, or the Scorpion, is one of the most independent of the signs. Scorpio is able to work very well on their own and loves being in their own company. The Scorpion loves being in their own company so much so that they tend to get quite upset when they are not allowed time to themselves. This sign is usually perceived as intense, secretive, and fearless; some may also describe them as cold or univiting, until they get to know Scorpio that is.

The Scorpion may be a private sign, but they do not enjoy being in the dark when it comes to others and their intentions. Gifted with natural intuitiveness Scorpio is quickly able to read others and understand their intentions.

Scorpio is a very protective sign. Both of themselves and those they care about. This is one of the many qualities that their friends and family admires about them. Since Scorpio is a good secret keeper it should come as no surprise that they tend to make many friends and long lasting relationships. Friends and family often come to the Scorpion for help, support, and advice.

This sign is one that is very driven and will do whatever they can to accomplish their goals. Scorpio can be very focused and competitive, though the secretive Scorpion may not always show this competitive side.

Scorpio Love Style Led by the heart, the Scorpion in love is very intense and passionate. Scorpio is often consumed by love and will assume a self-protective role in relationships to avoid being hurt. Scorpio may have a hard time finding a partner who approaches love in the same way that they do, and with the same level of intensity. The Scorpio is willing to wait a lifetime to win the love of that special someone and will not give up easily when it comes to matters of the heart; which, let's face it, is every matter for the Scorpion.

Best Zodiac Love Matches for Scorpio

Scorpio​: Another Scorpio is the only sign that can understand the Scorpions emotional depth and and passion, while also understanding the self-destruction that comes along with it.

Cancer: ​This pair shares many similarities and differences that compliment one another. These private, loyal, and intuitive partners know just what the other needs.

Pisces: T​hese signs compliment one another in the most harmonious of ways as Scorpio takes the lead and Pisces is happy to follow. These two emotional signs perfectly understand the intense high and lows in their partner.

Virgo​: This relationship allows the Scorpio another opportunity to take the lead and for their partner to follow happily along. This pair helps to bring out the best qualities in their partner.

Favorite Date Nights For Scorpio The Scorpion thrives in adventurous environments and will most enjoy a date that is not only fun but involves a level of mystery. Scorpio may have more fun than they could have imagined going on a scavenger hunt. These determined and decisive individuals love to have fun and would enjoy just about any activity that gets the adrenaline flowing. Take your favorite Scorpio to an amusement park or send them down a zip-line; just make sure that whatever activity you choose for a date night with the Scorpion, just make sure not to bore them.

The Deal with Scorpio and Earth Signs Scorpio matches best with other Water signs, though they may find an inevitable attraction to Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). This attraction is due to the fact that they possess qualities that the Scorpion does not. Earth signs are stubborn and demand understanding, while Water signs are more intense and emotional. These differences create a gravitational pull towards one another, and a curiosity to learn more about the other. If the two create lasting relationships it is possible that they could learn so much from one another.

Scorpio Friendship Scorpio is known for making lifelong friendships. The Scorpion, although very private, tends to make lasting relationships once their soon to be besties come to understand their more private and withdrawn Scorpio. The Scorpion may come off to those around them as cold and unfriendly, but this is due to their natural abilities of self-protection and their need for alone time. Once you’ve won the heart of a Scorpio you will not only gain a lifelong friend but a protector as well.

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