Virgo (July 23 - August 22) Virgo, or The Maiden, is a very analytical sign, and spends much of their time making sense of the things that they see. They have sharp feelings of taste, time, hearing and sense of smell. Labeled the “Virgin,” one may be surprised to know that It does not mean, that they are pure and sinless. It means however, that their amazing abilities to observe allow them to see all the human lacks. Usually they do not like everything that they see, and they withdraw like Virgo.

Much like the other Earth signs Virgo tends to be very grounded and practical. Virgos live in the real world. They neither day dream, nor wish on stars. One look at them and you will feel that they are overburdened with some worries. However, worrying symbolizes their characteristic profile.

The Maiden tends to be very intelligent, perceptive, and organized. Virgo is a more perfection-oriented sign, which makes them very self-critical. Everything around the Maiden has to be just perfect. They are one sign that prefers carrying the exact amount of change for the bread, rather than having to ask for change. Virgo is very family-oriented and caring. A relationship with a Virgo can be very fulfilling, as they are known for being very dependable,helpful, faithful, and serving. Although they don’t tend to like a large crowd, they thrive when around those they hold closest to their hearts.

Virgo's Love Style Critical in nature it should come as no surprise that The Virgin tends to be slow to fall in love. As Virgo tends to be a more shy and reserved sign, they tend to spark relationships with partners who are dominant, aggressive,and make the initial move. Even still, it can take some time to entirely win the heart of the critical Maiden. Virgo will devote themselves to making their partner happy. They enjoy helping others and like to feel that they are needed, as the Virgin is one of the less mushy of the signs, they show their love through their actions. Their desire for perfection and tendency to criticize is where problems may arise.

Best Zodiac Love Matches for Virgo

Scorpio:​ Scorpio may be the best match for Virgo as both signs tend to be very intelligent and perceptive. Their similar outlook on life makes it very easy for the two to understand one another.

Capricorn: ​Both signs driven by family, they can work together to best care for the ones that they love and to create the perfect environment to continue to build their relationship.

Taurus: T​hese signs share the desire for perfection and can come together to form the perfect team to create a loving, organized, and comfortable home environment.

Cancer​: These fellow nurturers have so much in common it’s almost impossible for this relationship not to work. Both signs will enjoy being grounded in one another, patiently living life.

Favorite Date Nights For Virgo Since Virgo is very practical and organized, it’s important that any date involving the Virgin is well planned. Virgo tends to be health conscious and would love a date that is good for the mind, body, and soul. The Maiden is not that into romantics and won’t usually be impressed with a grand romantic gesture. The perfect date for the practical Virgin will challenge them physically, or intellectually, perhaps both. To truly win the heart of these perfectionists, it’s important to give them a reason to forget to be perfect.

The Deal with Virgo and Water Signs Virgo is an Earth sign, which makes them most compatible with other Earth signs, but the Virgin tends to find themselves taken by Water signs as well. The two signs are alike in ways that make them very compatible, and different in ways that allow them to help one another. Virgo can guide the emotional water signs toward a specific goal, while Water signs help to soften the Maiden. The relationship between Virgo and Water signs can be very rewarding and fulfilling.

Virgo Friendship Much like everything they do, Virgo wants their friends to be perfect, well for them that is. It may take some time for the Maiden to open up and spark new relationships with people as they take friendship very seriously and take their time choosing their lifelong friends. Virgo wants the best out of life and will want the same for their friends; and they’ll have no problem letting their loved one’s know what improvements could be made. While the Virgin’s criticisms may create some strain in relationships, they will make many forever friends to pride themselves on helping reach their greatest potential.

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